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 @9LRNGR7 disagreed…2hrs2H

Illegal Cannabis is a subsidy to criminal organisations. If you legalised and regulated it, it would be consumed like al…

 @9LRNGR7 answered…2hrs2H

No, Children should not be exposed to religion. Religion should only be for adults who can make that decision for themse…

 @9LRNG2Ffrom Massachusetts  agreed…2hrs2H

Do you think your cousin who moved to America or Australia should have to renounce his Irish citizenship?

 @9LRNG2Ffrom Massachusetts  agreed…2hrs2H

Four 8 hour days, 32 hours total, should be full time. Anything over that should get time and a half pay.

 @9LRLX33 answered…3hrs3H

Clann eireann

 @9LRLCMZ disagreed…3hrs3H

An increase in economic prosperity - if it's good for business, (and if it's good business, ie ethical) then it's good f…

 @9LR96XL agreed…8hrs8H

 @9LR96XL disagreed…8hrs8H

He hasn't achieved his objectives & now the majority of the electorate don't want him as head of government.

 @9LR96XL answered…8hrs8H

social democrates