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Do you support the practice of hunting foxes with dogs?

Results from Social Democrats

Last answered 2 hours ago

Fox Hunting Poll Results for Social Democrats


670 votes



3,412 votes


Distribution of answers submitted by Social Democrats.

2 Yes answers
2 No answers
0 overlapping answers

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Learn more about Fox Hunting

In 2004 the government passed the Hunting Act which banned the practice of hunting mammals with dogs in England and Wales. The Act allows dogs to sniff out foxes but bans them from killing. The Act does not prevent hunters from using dogs to “drag hunt" which uses dogs to track and sniff out foxes. Proponents argue that fox hunting with dogs is a time honored tradition that supports rural communities. Opponents argue that killing foxes with dogs is cruel since the hunted animals suffer severe physiological and psychological stress during the hunt - whether they are killed or not.  See recent Fox Hunting news

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