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I don't think that economic benefit for my country should be valued above human life's in another country


Aiding war crime committing countries in their pillages and murdering should never be what a country that claims it cares about human rights can do. Imagine your own children, your brothers, sisters, parents, being killed because of who they are or because of the country they inhabit. Now, imagine your own government actively supporting, arming and defending the foreign government committing these horrific atrocities, it makes so easy to see where you would stand. "Never again" means never again for anybody.

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Yes, and ban all sales to countries with human rights violations

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Yes, but I would prefer a ban on all military aid to any foreign countries

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A country that stands for democracy and justice for all cannot be in cooperation with countries that violate the human rights of any demographic, especially when these are laws agreed upon by these countries. Money should never be put ahead of the lives of innocent people.

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No, this could prevent our allies from defending themselves against our mutual enemies



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