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profit is not more important than quality of life and quality of the world. the top 100 companies produce 70% of the world's carbon emissions. it is time to regulate and change how they behave.


No, there’s a balance. Look at Holland, the lowest nitrogen using farmers in the world with their industry about to be crippled by bureaucratic ignorance.

 @9HBHHJ3Independent Leftanswered…6mos6MO

Yes regulate the businesses as much as possible. Either way Business won’t profit if nobody can live on earth because the **** ing destroyed the environment?


No that is government over reach and bordering communism. Keep the free market. Imposing tax reliefs for companies doing the right thing for the environment would be ideal


No, the government should incentivise businesses but should never directly change part of a business that affects profits negatively


Yes we have to protect our environment. If we do not we may not have a world that we have enjoyed passed onto our future generations.


I believe that incentives are the better option as opposed to taxing businesses

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Yes, because big businesses play a huge role in pollution, and government regulations will only help them, to reduce their carbon footprint.