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 @9KC2MMCSocial Democratsanswered…3mos3MO

I don't think protests do anything anymore. Social media is the only way to get egotistical and power hungry politicians to listen.


I do like to see people stand up for a just cause and I wish we dine it more often


Inspired by protests, I might engage in advocacy efforts, raising awareness about the issues on social media, among friends and family, or within my community. I also prioritize participating in elections as a way to influence policy changes and support candidates aligned with my values.

 @9HXD353Social Democrats answered…5mos5MO

I love to see people standing up for what they believe is right, especially if it is somthing I agree with. However, I doubt I would publicly protest, more voicing my opinion in speeches or debates where my voice is guaranteed to be heard and listened to.


I feel inspired to go to protests and to engage with said topic. If you don't make a bang, all people will hear is a whimper

 @9J72XK8Fine Gaelanswered…4mos4MO

I support the right to peacefully protest by raising awareness of issues. I do NOT support interfering in the daily lives of others by blocking traffic, intimidating women outside abortion clinics or vandalism during riots.

 @9J6GFWZFine Gaelanswered…4mos4MO

If the protest is unaggresssive and harmless and just experssing a point im okay with it.


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