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 @9HBH7XTPBB Solidarityanswered…8mos8MO

Changes need to be made at a governmental & corporate level but individuals actions can help


Obviously individual actions matter but change needs to be made on a government level.

 @9HCKBGRFianna Fáilanswered…8mos8MO

Both actions together are important; we need all hands on deck for this global warming issue.


it is entirely a problem for the governmental and corporate level because the top 100 companies produce 70% of carbon emissions

 @9HBP2VMIndependent Leftanswered…8mos8MO

individual actions are necessary for collective actions but government sanctions are needed on corporations


it is 100% a governmental and corporate level problem. 1 person recycling a milk carton is not going to stop the ice caps from melting

 @9HB9VM7Sinn Féinanswered…8mos8MO

Each individual doing the same actions adds up, and change can only occur if the majority of individuals decide to do so

 @9HB62Z2Sinn Féinanswered…8mos8MO

It is not possible for individuals to change the environment from changing our day to day habits as they are only tiny things that affect the environment. The main problem is big companies destroying the planet and not being blamed or taxed for it.

 @9QX3VBF answered…1wk1W

I think that the entire "You can change the world" attitude is one big scapegoat to deflect and distract from the actions of corporations. The most notable example of this would be the CO2 footprint, popularized by BP, a company that bribed scientists to fake their results and denied climate change for decades. If many people come together, then yes, maybe, but you alone are 1 in 8 billion...



Personally, I feel it's more important to see changes made at the macro-level. Individuals can make all the small changes they can, but while big companies and organisations continue to pollute the planet, it's absolutely redundant.

 @9Q26Z9SSinn Féinanswered…3wks3W

Government and corporate level and if there’s real change the people will follow

 @9PP6GZCSocial Democratsanswered…1mo1MO

Governmental and corporate changes will only be made if individuals come together to put pressure on these organisations


I believe that most people will change their behaviours more with government incentives and encouragement


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