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The current conflict has shown no sign of stopping or slowing and has only added to a list of egregious crimes against humanity. Bombing Gaza is not an effective strategy to end the conflict, and it will surely just radicalise more people. The only real way to eliminate Hamas is to establish just peace in the area, making them obsolete.

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I oppose genocide and the existence of ethnistates??? I don't see how this is an issue of contention


The siege on Gaza actively endangers the hostages held there; Several hostages have already been killed by Israeli strikes. 33,000 Gazans have already been killed, the majority being women and children; This figure excludes those who have gone missing under the rubble and those who have died via starvation or due to the collapse of the healthcare system. The current approach isn't helping anyone.


Once the hostages are returned then a ceasefire will happen. Hamas are terrorists.



Both sides wish to destroy the other. Israel has the better government, and offers a good life to their citizens (incl. the 17% of Israeli Muslim citizens)

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We should mind our own business, it is a proxy war on another continent that has nothing to do with us we are a natural country, we'd want to start acting like it.


I would support this if, as part of the ceasefire, hamas hands over all the Israeli hostages they have over to Israel


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