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Depending on the field they plan to work in I think they should be paid more. I.e. a talented actor should be paid more than a hard working actor with no talent.

But in most "corporate" or non arts jobs I think harder workers should earn more.

Albeit this is assuming the work output both parties give us different


I think the most, skilled, educated and talented people should be paid more


People who contribute more should earn more. We need a way for people to climb using the resources they were born with. Also, Russia is a bit of a lesson in how ‘economic egalitarianism’ actually works, although they called it something else when they killed all those millions of people.


I don't believe everyone should earn the same but I do believe the gap between the highly rich and the poor should be reduced by any way possible

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Could give the championship in the economy with financial government benefits and formed better in needed

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You should get higher pay if you have more talent or if you work harder, for your contribution to your employer. Everyone earning the same would not cater to the extra contributions employees give.