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The Palestinians have been oppressed, occupied, and displaced for the last seven decades. Israel was born out of Zionism, Jewish terrorism, and the use of guilt from the Holocaust. Palestinians have the right to return to their homes that were unlawfully seized by Jewish settlers.

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Palestine should be made free and I sympathise deeply with them. but I do not agree with Hamas. I think war is a waste. Too many people on each side dying.

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I won't sympathize with either side until my country is looked after!!!

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I side with the wider Palestinian Independence Movement and condemn the Israeli actions, but do not support Hamas' terrorist-esque actions either.


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Neither both countries are in the wrong, the holy land belongs to Jesus Christ.


I believe both sides have a equal right to exist but new borders should be drawn and a new country should be established to meet both sides needs and wants with equal and fair elections


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I believe in Palestinian freedom and I am against the Israeli military but I am also against Hamas

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Neither they are as bad as each other, and it is a proxy war on another continent that has nothing to do with us we are a natural country, we'd want to start acting like it.


There are no winners in war. Both sides are equally as bad. It really depends on the context of a certain situation.


Both Equally and i have no understanding of this war and etc therefore i am not going to pick sides based on media.

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Israel but there should be a two-state solution to create peace for both Arabs and Jews


Neither both are as bad as each other but if l had to pick it would be Palestine


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