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@AdamjnrGreen Party answered…1mo

Yes, and Westminister MPs for NI but without voting rights.

@9V6TQZCGreen Party answered…8mos

No, they were not elected to the Dáil so should not have speaking rights that take away time from our own TD's time. The Governments in northern Ireland and in the Republic should liase with eachother though.

@9H9H4F7Sinn Féin answered…1yr

Yes they should when we talk about investing in Northern Ireland the Immergration & the Irish language & Covid19 & Brexit

@9Q8VMLKGreen Party answered…1yr

If the six counties join the republic as an all Ireland then yes but otherwise no

@9YTWHY8Social Democrats answered…2mos

Yes, but only if referendums held on both Northern Ireland and the Republic agree

@9Y2Q8GDSinn Féin answered…3mos

@9VD688YSocial Democrats answered…7mos

Sit, yes if they wish. Discuss decisions made by the Irish government which may impact the north. They should not have a vote or push through laws which are not applicable to them in the dail though.

@EoinGreen answered…7mos


Aontaím, mar tá sé tabachtach go mbíonn glór ag gach duine Éireannach faoi fud an hOileán na hÉireann i nDáil - Yes, because it's important that every Irish person throughout the island of Ireland has a voice in the Dáil

@9TRNPM9Social Democrats answered…9mos

Yes, only after a peblicite in both nations and only if northern Ireland was an independent nation

@9SY8G8HSinn Féin answered…10mos

An All-Ireland council should be set up for coordinating between Stormont and the Dail

@9QGJ5ZYFianna Fáil answered…1yr

I think when Ireland and The United Kingdom establish a better Brexit agreement then maybe

@9QCMT7VSinn Féin answered…1yr

Yes but Only if an issue being discussed is relevant to both North and South.

until reunification otherwise they'll have to be happy with the cross border agencies they have at the moment

@9KNRQ7XSinn Féin answered…1yr

yes and no, they are part of the British parliament, not the Irish parliament but due to the circumstances of Brexit they should be allowed in the dail so that a Brexit deal can be done

@9FRC2G2Green Party answered…1yr

only if it relates to an issue that effects the whole island and if TDs can also sit in Stormont

@9VRDWVDGreen Party answered…6mos

No, but people in Northern Ireland should be able to elect TDs directly to the Dáil.

@9SR72ZQLabour Party answered…10mos

On occasion their input could be valuable. We do live on the same island.

@9SMPZN9Sinn Féin answered…11mos


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