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 @9HJGC2FSinn Féin answered…6mos6MO

No, the Catholic Church, or any other Religious organization, should not have any influence on Politics.

 @9JXZLN8Sinn Féin answered…3mos3MO

Yes- as should other religious groups. Religious communities and beliefs play a fundamental role in people's lives, as well as the life of the country as a whole. People- and their religious representatives- should be able to express their beliefs on moral issues.

 @9K2RWQZSocial Democratsagreed…3mos3MO

People having the freedom to express their beliefs is a fundamental tenant of free speech. Without freedom of expression, we are in serious trouble.

 @9K22GFQSinn Féinanswered…3mos3MO

I don’t think any religious power should have a say in governmental matters since they’re two different things and catholic ideologies aren’t applicable to everyone

 @9K6NFDJSocial Democratsdisagreed…3mos3MO

No I believe that any remarks to Catholicism should be removed from the Irish constitution. Religion of any kind should hold no place in a fair and just society


No religion has no place in politics and would only lead to needless conflict amongst people in my opinion

 @9HNK4WTFianna Fáilanswered…5mos5MO

Yes, As It's the Catholic-Church's-many-ideals...That focus on Marriage, And/or Education.


Absolutely not. The church have had too much of a say in the past and it led to child sexual abuse, erosion of woman's rights and social control.

 @9K6NFDJSocial Democratsanswered…3mos3MO

No I believe that any remarks to Catholicism should be removed from the Irish constitution. Religion of any kind should hold no place in a fair and just society


Yes I believe so. I believe the scandals of the church has nearly destroyed my religion but the reality of it is we cannot blame the religion for the monstrous acts of individuals. The church should have a say but not control.

 @9K46NN8Fine Gaelanswered…3mos3MO

I don’t think they should, as many people
Who live in Ireland aren’t carholic and shouldn’t have to follow the laws of a religion they don’t identify with

 @9JXRFPNSocial Democratsanswered…3mos3MO

No, religions should be completely about faith and should have little to no involvement in politics, education, marriage, etc.

 @9JXN5QQIndependent Leftanswered…3mos3MO

No. The Church should not be allowed to own property outside of things directly relevant to their religious duties and they should not be allowed to make a profit from their donations or intervene politically ever.

 @9HLFJTZIndependent Leftanswered…6mos6MO

The Catholic Church has only proven itself to be a reactionary force that continues to block the advancement of the working class.


 @9K4NYRYFianna Fáilanswered…3mos3MO

The separation of church and state is a key element of a 21st century Liberal democracy.

 @9JXQFHQIndependent Leftanswered…3mos3MO

No they should not. We have moved on from the 16th century and the church should solely be for voluntary practices inside its own buildings

 @9JDWQY2Fianna Fáilanswered…4mos4MO

 @9JD2VT8Sinn Féinanswered…4mos4MO

No, catholism should not control important matters as it if not applicable to everyone

 @9JG9VHWSocial Democratsanswered…4mos4MO

Absolutely not. No issue with anyone practising their religion but it has no place in politics

 @9K49HPHSocial Democrats answered…3mos3MO

Absolutely not. People are free to practice their religion in their own time; by having religion intertwined with the law it inherently makes it biased. Keep them separate.


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