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Should Irish citizens, living abroad and in Northern Ireland, have the right to vote in presidential elections?

Results from Republican Sinn Féin

Last answered 15 hours ago

Voting Rights Abroad Poll Results for Republican Sinn Féin


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Distribution of answers submitted by Republican Sinn Féin.

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The President of Ireland is directly elected by secret ballot using the Alternative Vote, the single-winner analogue of the Single Transferable Vote. Presently, only Irish citizens resident in the Republic aged eighteen or over may vote; a 1983 bill to extend the right to resident British citizens was ruled unconstitutional. However, there have been many suggestions for reforming the office of President and its election process over the years. In March 2017, the government proposed holding a referendum on whether Irish citizens living outside the country, including in Northern Ireland, should be able to vote in Irish presidential elections, with the vote expected to go ahead during 2018.  See recent Voting Rights Abroad news

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