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Should the power-sharing provincial government be restored in Northern Ireland?

Results from Republican Sinn Féin

Last answered 1 month ago

Northern Ireland Power Sharing Poll Results for Republican Sinn Féin


40 votes



16 votes


Distribution of answers submitted by Republican Sinn Féin.

1 Yes answers
1 No answers
0 overlapping answers

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Peter Robinson, leader of the majority pro-British Democratic Unionist Party and the government’s first minister resigned in 2015. This made the multiparty executive branch obsolete since it could not function if either of the two largest parties refused to participate. The controversy arose after Kevin McGuigan was murdered and members of the police claimed that the IRA was still active. Proponents argue that leaders from Britain, Ireland and Sinn Fein should start negotiations to repair the peace agreement and restore the power-sharing government. Opponents argue that the murder of Mr. McGuigan proves that there is too much unrest to build a power-sharing government right now.  See recent Northern Ireland news

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