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Gerry Adams’ policies on electoral issues



Elections  ›  Retirement Age of Politicians

Should politicians be required to wait until the age of 65 to receive a pension?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseYes, they should have the same entitlements as the citizens they represent

Elections  ›  Campaign Finance

Should corporations, unions, and non-profit organizations be allowed to donate to political parties?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseNo, these types of donations just turn into bribes

Elections  ›  Criminal Politicians

Should a politician, who has been formerly convicted of a crime, be allowed to run for office?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseYes, as long as it was not a felony, violent, financial, or sexual crime

Elections  ›  Minimum Voting Age

Should the minimum voting age be lowered?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseNo, and voters should be required to pass a basic test demonstrating their understanding of politics in order to vote

Elections  ›  Voting Rights Abroad

Should Irish citizens, living abroad and in Northern Ireland, have the right to vote in presidential elections?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseYes, but only within the first five years of living abroad

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Elections  ›  Right of Foreigners to Vote

Should foreigners, currently residing in Ireland, have the right to vote?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseYes, anyone who pays taxes should have the right to vote

Elections  ›  Seanad Éireann Referendum

Should the Seanad be abolished?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseNo, but make it a body that is wholly elected by the people

Elections  ›  Elected Representatives

Should the number of elected representatives be reduced?

  Gerry Adams voterbaseNo, but reduce their salaries and retirement benefits